First courses

Truffled potato soup, stewed beef salad and GROKSÌ!

Truffled potato soup, stewed beef salad and GROKSÌ!

Ingredients (for 4 people)

  • 70 g GROKSÌ! Savoury
  • 1 chicken
  • 1 cut of beef for stewing
  • 3 potatoes
  • 1 spring onion or shallot (optional)
  • Saffron
  • Truffle salt or butter
  • Celery
  • Carrot
  • Onion


Boil the chopped celery, carrot and onion in a pan with water and a little salt, add the meat and make a classic stew, letting it cool in its own stock.

Chop the spring onion and shallot and stew it in a pan with a little oil. Add the very finely sliced potatoes, fry them and cover them in the sieved stock from the stew. Add salt and pepper and overcook. Add the saffron and cream with a dip-in mixer.

In the meantime shred the chicken with your hands and chop the beef into cubes. Season with a little salt, oil and pepper. Pour the potato soup in the plates and layer with the stew salad.

Decorate with unbroken GROKSÌ! and crumbled GROKSÌ!. You can lighten the stew salad adding chopped green salad. Season to taste with truffle salt or add truffle butter to the potato soup.